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About Kama Scout Group

Section Meeting Times

Cub Scouts

Monday 6.30 – 8.00pm

Ages 8 to 11



Kaa, Eagle, Quokka, Burra, Dragonfly


Tuesday 7.00 – 8.30pm

Ages 11 to 14


Bear, Fox, Bunyip, Seal

Wren, Dingo, Koala


Wednesday 7.00–9.00pm

Ages 14 to 17


Micko, Jaguar, Bear

Kama History

The Kama Scout Group has been providing scouting in the Macquarie district for more than 40 years.  Kama grew from the amalgamation of 1st Cook Pack (Cubs), later named the Mount Painter Troop, and 1st Macquarie.  Both these groups were formed in 1969 and shared the hall we continue to use today.  They amalgamated in 1980 and took the name Kama.  Kama is a word derived from the name of the local aboriginal people, the Gama, and it became the name of one of the early white settler properties.  The ruins of the Kama homestead can be found nearby in Canberra Nature Park ‘The Pinnacle”.  It is also understood that the word signifies both a young tree and spearhead.  These meanings helped inspire the Kama logo.

About Scouting

The websites of Scouts Australia and Scouts ACT provide great generic information about scouting, including descriptions about the style of each age grouping in scouting (we call these “Sections”), and information about the badge system.

Scouting is not religious, but it is unashamedly focussed on values.  The Scout Promise and Law are a code of living, the meaning of which is expanded as the scouting member grows towards maturity.  Scouting is very deliberately structured to help its members (in conjunction of course with other experiences and influences in their lives) to emerge as principle-centred adults, ready and willing to take their place in their community.

Whilst all this may sound rather serious, in fact, Scouting achieves these aims by engaging with children, ensuring they have fun, helping them to achieve, and immersing them in the sheer joy of doing.

Financial assistance

Assistance is available to enable children – who might otherise be unable to do so – to become Youth Members or to participate fully in the activities of the scouting movement.

At Kama a number of mechanisms exist to help families who are challenged by the cost of scouting, or the cost of specific scouting activities.

  • Fees can be paid by installment over the year.

  • Fee reductions/waivers can be sponsored by the Scout Fund (administered by Scouts ACT).

  • Activity and participation costs can be sponsored by the Quiggin Fund (administered by Kama Scout Group).

  • Profit sharing with Kama fundraising activities may be offered from time to time.

  • Kama annual fees are 100% free for Leaders’ children.

  • We have a stock of clothing and personal equipment available for loan.

The Scout Fund

Through the generosity of the Lord Baden-Powell Society (national) and the Arthur Shakespeare Foundation for Scouting (ACT), the ACT Branch holds a fund from which assistance is available to enable children who might otherwise be uanble to do so to become Youth Members, or to participate fully in the activities of the Movement.  Assistance may be provided towards annual Branch registration fee, special event fees (like Jamboree, Cuboree, Venture) and purchase of uniform.  The nature of the assistance will be decided in each case by the Fund Administrator.  Contact the Kama Group Leader for more information.

The Quiggin Fund

Through the generosity of Kama friend Mr Peter Quiggin, and the Kama Parent Support Committee, this fund assists Kama youth members in genuine financial need with everyday activity and participation costs, especially costs associated with scout outings, uniform and gear.  The fund does not support payment of Branch or Group Fees.  The Quiggin Fund is administered by a subcommittee consisting of the Group Leader, the Group Chairperson and the Group Treasurer.

Contact the Group Leader for more information.  All enquiries are treated in confidence.

Our Supporters

Three cheers for our Number One Supporters — our support committee!!

The support committee is the financial and administrative backbone of the scout group.   Please give them a hand whenever you can.

Community support

We appreciate most sincerely the support we receive from local businesses, families, granting agencies, and our branch office.  Here is a brief summary of recent support, in chronological order.

  • June 2018:  Donation from Mr Peter Quiggin

  • April 2018:  $300 from the Grill’d Local Matters community s support program to assist youth members to attend the 2019 Australian Jamboree.

  • June 2017:  Donation from Kama supporter, Mr Peter Quiggin, matched by the Kama Support Committee, to establish a fund to provide financial assistance to youth members for activity and participation costs.

  • January 2017:  Bunnings Warehouse Belconnen donated materials to the “Creator Realm” Activity Base led by Kama at Cuboree 2017.

  • December 2016:  $100 from the Grill’d Local Matters community support program to assist the Creator Realm Activity Base led by Kama at Cuboree 2017.

  • September 2016:  incredible assistance above and beyond the strictures of the contract from our contractors on the roof project:

    • ACT Interiors

    • Rogers Electrical

    • Benmax

    • AW & DM Roofing

    • AGH Demolition

    • AWT Engineering

    • Steve Hubbard & Associates

    • Robson Environmental

  • June 2016: Donation from Kama supporter, Mr Peter Quiggin

  • April 2016 – ongoing:  acceptance into the Canberra Southern Cross Club Community Rewards scheme.

  • January 2016: $30,000 grant from ACT Government, Asset Refurbishment & Maintenance Scheme, Sport & Recreation Grant Program.

  • November 2015:  donation from Semaphore Consulting to assist with Jamboree 2016 gear.

  • October 2015:  donation from Draco Fellowship to assist with Jamboree expenses.

  • June 2015:  donation from Kama supporter Mr Peter Quiggin.

  • April 2015:  Kama received $300 from the Grill’d Local Matters community support program.

  • January 2015:  donation by the estate of the late Mrs Elizabeth Smith.

  • August 2014: Canberra Southern Cross Club Community Grant ($2,000) which was matched by funds from the Parent Committee to install a window in the Venturer Den

  • June 2014:  donations from Semaphore Consulting and Kama supporter Mr Peter Quiggin

  • May 2014:  supply and installation of a brilliant (pun intended!) external light, John Ayres Electrical

  • May 2014: donation of superseded GPS devices from the Australian Federal Police.  (Sadly, these were later lost in a targetted series of burglaries of scout halls across the ACT).

  • Sept 2013 to February 2014:  construction of an outdoor education area was made possible by a Coles and Junior Landcare Grant in conjunction with funding provided by the Kama Parent Committee.

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