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Scandi Adventure 2023

Who is coming with us and joining the adventure?

Thanks to all who provided an expression of interest in attending the Kama (Branch Friendship) Tour to Scandinavia in 2023. Based on those responses we have been able to finalise some details.


When do we leave and when do we get back: 

Kama will depart Canberra on 24 June 2023 (Saturday) and arrive home 15 or 16 July 2023 (Saturday or Sunday). We will be away for 3 weeks, minimum 2 of those weeks are holidays (mid-term break), for some all three weeks will be holidays (depends on type of school attending).


Where are we going?: 

The following is a draft itinerary:

  • Depart Canberra (most likely bus) to Sydney and then fly into Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Spend some time in Copenhagen (sightseeing, visit Tivoli -

  • Travel to Legoland Billund (Denmark) by train/bus, spend a full day in Legoland  (

  • Travel to Oslo, Norway (plane, train, bus or boat - TBD

  • Some time in Oslo sightseeing (

  • Spend time with our friendship group in Oslo - Longship Group 41 Oslo Ullevål (

  • Travel to and attend Trøndelag Branch Scout Camp near Røros, Norway (7 days) with Longship Group  (

  • Local sightseeing may include a visit to a silver mine, reindeer farm and side trip to Sweden

  • Travel by train to Trondheim, Norway (TBC)

  • Norway sightseeing for 6 days (maybe including Sweden) – some options are visit a glacier, see the midnight sun and venture across the Arctic Circle (the sightseeing part is not yet planned in details)

  • Depending on the final schedule, depart Scandinavia (either Oslo or Stockholm) on Friday 14 July 2023

  • Arrive back to Australia and Canberra either Saturday 15 July late or Sunday 16 July early.


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Kama youth members should be 12 years or older at the time of travel (if younger, needs an adult traveling the contingent as a leader or adult helper - contact Bear if this is the case)

  • Youth members must be "current" at the time of travel, this means financial (up to date with all fee payments) and active members of Kama Scouts in 2023 (actively participating in Scouting activities)

  • All contingent members over the age of 16 at the time of travel need to hold an active Working With Vulnerable People (WWVP) card

  • All adults traveling with the contingent need to be registered with Scouts Australia either as an uniformed leader (over 18), rover (18-26) or registered as an adult helper or leader in training.

  • Meet any government or airline travel requirements for travel to Scandinavia and returning to Australia (valid passport, any health or vaccination requirements etc)

  • All adults travelling with the Kama Scandi adventure our must hold a WWVP card – this is a simple process and is free of charge to you through Kama. Please reach out and we can send you the necessary details.


How much does it cost?: 

The original EOI email indicated a cost band with airfares coming back to "normal" high season fares to Europe. Unfortunately the fares we currently look at (group fares with flexibility) are much more expensive than what they have been in the past and this impacts the current cost estimate for the trip.

Based on the current air fares we can get, the approximate cost for the 3 week Scandi Tour will be $5,500 per person. This includes all international and domestic travel, accommodation, meals and entry fees where needed. It does not include spending money.

We are hoping that cheaper airfares may become available, and this trip is a zero profit trip, and any savings or left over monies will be refunded to the participants. Note that the cost estimate is the same as when Kama last time went to Scandinavia in 2017, the cost then was also $5,500 for 3 weeks.

Can I get help/assistance with the cost: 

To assist families to meet the cost, Kama will be looking to participating youth and parents to support fundraising activities directly related to the Scandi Tour. We will be looking for fundraising ideas and parents/youth to coordinate them.

For those who would come but simply do not have the financial capacity to cover this cost, please contact our Group Leader, Luke O’Connor ( or our Treasurer, Natasha Adnams ( to discuss if you’re eligible for financial support.


How can I help?: 

In order to achieve a Scouting adventure such as this we also need the support of parents to make it happen. In most cases the commitment will be minimal and will be able to be achieved in your own time. The more parents that can help the less work for all.


What do I need to do now:

We anticipate final payment of the full amount will be required in April 2023 and will confirm as soon as we can. We are happy to accept installment payments from now if this helps. Please contact our Treasurer Natasha Adnams ( to discuss.

Can you please email ASAP if you are able to support the Scandi Tour committee to pull this all together?

Also, do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


On behalf of the Kama Scandi Adventure Contingent Management Team,


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